About me

My name is Rob. Freelance Audio Engineer en Producer from Haarlem, the Netherlands.

My lifelong passion for music has grown my interest in mixing and recording music. I wanted to know all the ins and outs of the techniques and methods behind mixing music. To date, this interest never stopped. Hence my idea to offer my knowledge and experience to musicians, producers and singers to make their music sound like a professional, radio-dignified production.

If you want to make your music sound like a professional production, I can help you .
I do not ask astronomical rates for this but you can expect excellent quality.

Whether you're a singer / songwriter, producer, musician or band, I mix and master your music so it sounds like your music was how you meant it to sound. You want your music to be attractive to your audience, right?

Curious to what I can offer you? Do not hesitate to contact me or have a listen at my portfolio.

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