New studio completed

After a big rebuild of our house, I rebuilt the studio from the ground up. The result is great. Not only visually, but acoustically as well; the treatment consists of basstraps, acoustic panels on the sides and ceiling and absorptionpanels.

The sound in the studio is improved in such a way that a reiable monitoring situation has been realised. My mixes now sound better, tighter and more balanced than ever before.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

Collaboration with The Lost Noise

Recently I mixed a song from the band 'The Lost Noise'. The Lost Noise is a female fronted rock band that writes their songs in their own rehearsal room in a dark old cooling cell. When it starts to become too dark, they open the door and enjoy the wide view of meadows, forests and farms. This makes the songs they write together sometimes rock like crazy, and sometimes evolve into calm ballads. The Lost Noise are currently working on their first EP. Because of the enthusiastic reactions to my mix of their first track, we will work together for the rest of the EP. Keep an eye on my site, I will soon complete my portfolio with one or more tracks from this top notch band!

Website updated!

The website had a big update today. Follow me on my social media channels for more updates!

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