Steinberg AXR4U - Audio Interface

Gearfocus: A closer look at the hardware

In gearfocus we take a closer look at the hardware we use. In this part of gearfocus: the audio interface I usel the Steinberg AXR4U.
A highend USB3.0 audio interface with Rupert Neve simulation.

The key specifications are:

- 32-Bit integer/384 kHz recording and playback
- 4 x AXR hybrid microphone preamp with Rupert Neve Designs SILK emulation
- SSPLL technology for extremely low jitter
- DSPX chip and dspMixFx technology for latency-free monitoring with DSP-powered effects
- 2 x Mic/Line/Instrument inputs: XLR/Jack 6.3 mm combo
- 2 x Mic/Line inputs: XLR/Jack 6.3 mm combo
- 8 x Line inputs: 6.3 mm Jack
- 8 x Line outputs: 6.3 mm Jack
- 2 x ADAT/ S/PDIF inputs and outputs
- AES/EBU Sub-D25
- 2 x Stereo headphone outputs: 6.3 mm Jack
- MIDI input and output

At Synchro music we use the Steinberg XR4U interface to record high quality vocals and to integrate the hardware into the DAW (Cubase). We have added extra I/O by utilizing the ADAT feature where we connected a Line/Mic Pre-Amp.

The Rupert Neve SILK feature allows us to add that extra flavour to the recordings; a little shine or some more warmth, depending on the microphone and the voice we are recording. Absolute sparkling high-end quality!

At Synchro music we mainly use the Steinberg AXR4U hooked up to the DAW, to integrate the hardware and to record vocals. High-end sound quality guaranteed!

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